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50G Washer Manual

50G Guide & Rubber Strip How to Guide


Drum Alignment Tips

1. Loosen but DON’T REMOVE the four bearing mounting bolts and motor mounting bolts.


2. Place golf balls in the slots between the ball guides in the front of the drum. Rotate drum

toward you, about 1⁄4 of the way. Place golf balls in the slots in back of drum. Rotate the

drum away from you so that the balls are between the inner and outer drums.


3. Leave the balls in place and tighten the bearings and motor mounting bolts. The drum is

now horizontally aligned. Make sure coupler set is level after tightening bolts.


4. Gently rotate the top of the drum toward the front of the machine. The drum should turn

smoothly and evenly as balls travel between the lower guides and appear behind the drum.


5. If the balls bind or jam, or if the drum turns with uneven resistance, there are two

Motor Reset Instructions