50G Superwash Ball Washer

50G Superwash Ball Washer

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50G Ball Washer W/Bru




The ultimate performer for heavy duty ball washing! Delivers over 20,000 sparkling clean range balls per hour to the tee line! Over 15 Feet of double cleaning power! All-weather motor cover protects against sun, rain and weather. One- piece interior ball guides for increased ball axis rotation and superior cleaning. 1/2 H.P. high torque gear motor for maximum performance. 

Designed for “Soft Touch” Brush Lined Drum Weight: 199 lbs. Color: Black Size: 48"W x 50"H x 42"D. Tank capacity: 16 gallons Hopper capacity: 350 golf balls Electrical: 110 volt Motor: 1/2 H.P. Drive motor

50G Washer Manual

50G Junior & Superwash How to Assemble Guide & Rubber Strips

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